Knowledge and hands on training in First aid is essentially required to save human life from traffic accidents , natural& man made calamities, cerebral or cardio vascular accidents and in all disaster management activities. It may be recalled that modern labour laws insist on the presence of one certified first aider among five employees. It is the same parameter for multiple areas or floors of the work place. As per the Direction of Kerala government order no.13108/D2/2012/labour and labour commissioner letter no. W(3)22329/2013 employees coming under shops and commercial establishment act 1960 ,Factories and boilers act are required to undergo First aid training through Red Cross with the help of their respective employer.

Introduction of Indian Red Cross Society/ St. Johns Ambulance India

Both Organizations are humanitarian voluntary organizations spread across the world. It is providing relief in times of disaster, emergencies and promote health care for the vulnerable population. Both Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS) and St. Johns Ambulance are established under the Indian Red Cross Society Act and incorporated under Parliament Act XV of 1920. Honourable President of India is the President and Hon'ble Union Health Minister is the Chairman of the Society at National level. Hon’ble Governor is the president of IRCS, Kerala state branch and District Collector is the president of Kottayam district branch. Key Activities also includes First Aid, Home Nursing and allied training, First Aid posts to provide First Aid services in large public congregations, Provide ambulance services to transport casualties to hospitals.

Course Duration& Eligibility

The courses are open to all employees and the training would enable successful cand idates to qualify for the award of St. John Ambulance Certification, course duration is 3 days (24 hours), course covers theoretical as well practical sessions with hands on training.

  • 20-25 participants per batch
  • MBBS Doctor / Certified trainer with B. Sc Nursing Degree.
  • Principles of First-Aid
  • Description of the structure and functions of the body
  • Practical- The triangular bandages and its application to the head, chest, back, shoulder, elbow, hand, hip, knee and foot. Arm Slings
  • Varieties, signs and symptoms
  • Treatment of fractures-general rules
  • Individual fractures- The skull, lower jaw, spine, ribs, breast bone, collar bone, shoulder blades, forearm, hand, pelvis, thigh ,knee cap, leg and foot
  • Dislocations, sprains, strains-signs, symptoms and treatment
  • Practical- Treatment of fractures and strains, Application of splints
  • Circulation of the blood
  • Wounds and Haemorrhage
  • Wounds accompanied by Arterial Haemorrhage
  • The situation of the main arteries- pressure points
  • Wounds accompanied by capillary or venous haemorrhage- varicose veins
  • Haemorrhage from special regions- bruises
  • Practical- Compression of arteries
  • Injuries to internal organs- Haemorrhage
  • Burns, scalds, stings, bites of snakes and rapid animals, frostbite
  • Foreign bodies in eye, ear and nose
  • Treatment of fractures and haemorrhage
  • Respiration- natural and artificial
  • Asphyxia
  • The nervous system
  • Insensibility
  • Practical- Artificial Respiration
  • Red Cross tower, Nagambadom, Kottayam

If any organization having a batch of 25 employees at a time for training, Red Cross trainers can conduct onsite training provided the organization have a large hall to accommodate all participants. On the other hand if the employer wants to get training in small batches, the employees can be send to Red Cross Tower Kottayam according to the training schedule of Red Cross.

Certificates are issued after successful completion of the training, Photo certificate is issued from Delhi NHQ within one month after completion, Certificate is approved and recognised nationally and internationally and it will be valid for 3 Years, as per the course policy, candidates has to be retrained after 3 year completion to enter into next level.

  • Rs.2500/ which covers tuition fees, Training materials and Certificate.

Let us safeguard the workspaces of Kottayam, equip our people with lifesaving skill and save human life from any untoward life threatening situation.

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