The Indian Red Cross Society has been active in the arena of blood services for the past three decades. It has more than 100 blood banks all over the country under different states and district branches. IRCS is a pioneer in the field of blood services in Kerala, wherein it has been conducting motivational campaigns to organise Voluntary Blood Donation Camps at both state and district levels with the assistance of social, religious, political, commercial and military organisations. One of the most common activities that all national societies perform is first aid training and providing first aid cover. Blood donations are conducted by organising blood donation camps and it has led to reducing the gap between the demand and supply of blood.

Many people come forward to donate blood voluntarily for storage in the blood banks and use it for those who are in dire need. It is the perfect way to cater to the demand for blood. That tradition goes on. We organise blood donation camps with the Govt. blood banks. The majority of this blood is used to help out the underprivileged. Kerala Red Cross Blood Programme has thus come to be rightfully acknowledged as India's Pioneer & Leader of the Voluntary Blood Donation Movement. All the Red Cross Branches have been proactively doing sincere efforts to promote voluntary blood donation in their respective areas. Red Cross Branches have been organising voluntary blood donation camps and supporting local Govt. or other Trust-run blood banks. Every Keralite feels proud to know that we have more than 200 "Centurion Blood Donors" who completed a hundred times donations.

The Red Cross has been continuously working to ensure that safe blood and blood products are available for all those in need, especially in emergency obstetric centres, trauma centres, surgical units, etc.

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