Nursing service scheme is a unique project of Indian H.N.Service Society Kottayam Branch which aims at the training of selected educated and service minded women for rendering nursing care, love, and consolation for the aged, unhealthy and bedridden patients. It was introduced in India in 1987, by Sri.K.T.Ouseph, Hon.Secretary.
Around 3000 nurses are trained every year and they are serving in different parts of India .
The H.N.Service Nursing Scheme is having a membership of more than 25000 trained women, hundreds of men and their number is increasing progressively on account of new recruitments. Though the scheme was started in a humble way in the year 1988, now it has grown sky high in its field of activities and popularity. Though the minimum qualification is fixed as 10th standard for H.N.S.Service Nurse, (RN) and 7th class for Child and maternity care, we have graduates, post graduates and trained nurses and Para medical person in the list of R.N who are rendering service in different parts of India.

How to get the service of a Nurse
Those who need the service of a nurse either in their house or in a hospital can approach H.N.Service Tower Nagambodom, Kottayam at least five days in advance. The prescribed application form is to be filled in with telephone number with code of the residence of the patients and submit to the H.N.Service Tower, Nagambodom, Kottayam.
A nurse will be allotted to the applicant and she should be collected from the same office at the appointed date between 10 and 11 am.

It is obligatory that the lady relative who is residing with the patient should come and sign the agreement to avail the service of the nurse from the office. If the services of the nurse is not availed on the same day after booking it will be cancelled automatically.

The service of the female nurses are usually given to the bedridden patients and old aged people. No female nurse will be sent to the general ward of the hospitals or in the paywards where more than one patient is admitted. No female nurse will be given to gents below the age of 80.

Taking in to account of the situation prevailing in many of the houses where a lady member of the family is not residing day and night and the sick or aged being male, we provide male nurses to look after them. The service of the male nurse is multi purpose since they are also given training under the Home Management Service Scheme other than nursing. They are ready to take care of men at the old age or during sick/bedridden and look after the wealth and property with full responsibility. Their service can also be utilized to accompany the patients to hospitals or an outing and help the household people to remit the electricity/water charges/telephone bills etc. at various offices in time. The male nurse will also sincerely assist the senior citizens for collecting their pension and accompany them for shopping or an evening walk and to visit religious places.

What are the services rendered by a Nurse
a) Give food and medicine to the patients as prescribed by the doctor in time.
b) Read religious books, news papers, magazines, per the interest and taste of the patient.
c) Try to eliminate loneliness and depression of the patient by nursing them with love,care and affection.
d) Help the patient to brush teeth, clean and sponge the body to avoid bedsore.
e) Cleaning the room toilet and keep the bed and furniture in order in the room of the patient.
f) As far as possible prevent bedsore and if there is wound or bedsore dress them properly,
g) Remove urine and stool, if any, in the bed and clothings and clean them.

Safety and Security of the Nurse
Nurse may be treated as a member of the family who look after a patient throughout. Do not treat them as servants or subordinates. As such it is the duty and responsibility of the relatives of the patient to ensure the safety and security of the nurse.

A cot with bed and a chair shall be provided to the nurse in the patients room itself. A lady member of the family must invariably be in the house throughout the day and night. As the nurse is sleeping in the patient's room, no male members other than the patient shall sleep in that room. The nurse will not work in the Kitchen or other place in the house and will not wash the regular cloths of the patient. She will not cook food for the patient. Please allow the nurse to sleep at least 4 hours at night. Visitors with proper direction and identification from the Kottayam H.N.Service Society only are allowed to visit the nurse.

Donation female nurses and male nurses

Donation (Kerala) :-    Rs. 3000/- (Not Refundable)
Out of Kerala       :-    Rs. 4000/- (Not Refundable)
Besides free food and accommodation the monthly remuneration of a female nurse in Kerala is Rs.7500/- and Rs.8000/- any where in India (outside Kerala). This amount is to be paid directly to the nurse in cash at the end of each month. A month is to be treated as of 30 days for calculating proportionate wages. ie. Rs.250/- in Kerala and Rs. 266/- outside state are fixed as wages for a day. Male nurses are eligible for a remuneration of Rs.8000/- in Kerala and Rs.8500/- outside Kerala, anywhere in India. Any other payments either in cash or in kind to the nurse are prohibited.

Duration of Service

The period of service of the nurse at a particular place is restricted to 3 months only. If the service of a nurse is again required, a substitue nurse will be provided. In such situation the nurse working at present will come to the office and a suitable substitute will be brought to the patient and will hand over the responsibilities.
If a substitute is required after 3 months, the relatives may approach the Kottayam H.N.Service Office at least 5 days before the expiry of the term of the present nurse. In all such cases the registration is to be renewed by paying a re-registration of Rs.500/- for every 3 months.
The re- registration fee can be remitted in person, by DD or MO to the to the secretary, Indian H.N.Service Society, H.N.Service Tower Nagambadom, Kottayam, Pin 686001.
The Kottayam H.N.Service reserves the right to recall the nurse under circumstances found unfavourable for a nurse to continue her service at a particular place.
If the service of a particular nurse is not satisfactory, the matter may be reported to the Kottayam H.N.Service Office and if found genuine and needed, a substitute will be made available.
The traveling allowance of the Nurses to Kottayam at the end of their service is to be given by the relatives of the patient.When the Nurse is returning to the Office, none shall accompany her, but may help her to catch the bus /train at the nearest point Disciplinary action will be taken against the Nurses violating the rules and regulations.

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Donation (Kerala) :-    Rs. 3000/- (Not Refundable)
Out of Kerala       :-    Rs. 4000/- (Not Refundable)

The present rate of wages to HMS is Rs. 8000/- per month (Rs 267/- per day) in kerala and Rs. 8500/- (Rs. 250/- per day) outside Kerala. Month for the purpose of calculation is 30 days from the date of posting, which may be paid directly to HMS concerned. The salary etc. are subject to revision from  time to time.

T.A. payable to HMS,…. Actual Train / Bus / and Auto fare from Rly / Bus Station to the patient’s residence plus incidental expenses @Rs. 125/- per day of travel.

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